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Burials on the Web

With just part of a name you can find someone in the cemetery. Many of our burials have images. Take a look.

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Image Map Name Date of Death
Andersen, Valerie Gail 05/11/2016
Ashauer, Carl 12/12/1980
Ashauer, Evelyn Lydia 01/20/1993
Backhaus, Alma Hulda Pauline 09/04/1889
Backhaus, Elsa Alvine Bertha 12/24/1889
Bark, Caroline 01/11/1894
Barrett, Allen Emil 06/10/2010
Baumann, M. Barbara 03/06/1931
Becker, Fronie 06/22/1992
Becker, William 09/14/1966
Beekler, Alvine (Lovina) 01/06/1887
Behling, August 03/20/1927
Behling, Bertha 03/29/1922
Behling, Carl 12/30/1917
Behling, Emilie 07/09/1974
Behling, Ida W.A. 01/05/1888
Behnke, Roy Arthur 05/09/2017
Blankschien, Adela Mathilda Am 02/25/1942
Blankschien, Albert August 09/30/1949
Blankschien, Bertha Clara 11/19/1940

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